About April

april randy monterrosaApril M. Monterrosa is a proud Latina  (with some German roots) residing Deep in the Heart of Texas. She’s a military wife, step mom, dachshund mama, licensed cosmetologist of over 19 years, owner & operator of The Lil Spa Room, blogger & creator of Shine Beautifully, & a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer. She’s been blessed with being able to do what she loves;  pampering clients for over 19 years in the beauty world, writing for magazines (SAXtreme Magazine, Chicano Life Magazine, & an article in Good Housekeeping Magazine), &  a bit of social media marketing consulting for small local businesses.

She’s spontaneous, laid back, easy to talk to, open-minded, independent, blunt, & a bit on the silly side. She believes in luck, prayer, love at first sight, happy endings, second chances, laughter is the best medicine, that there are still some warm-hearted people in the world, & that everything always happens as it should. In her free time she is always with her family; from traveling, boating, fishing, to barbecuing & enjoying a few cold ones, it is never a dull moment. Family is her everything.

“Life isn’t perfect, but the people that are in mine make it pretty close & that in itself makes ME shine beautifully.” —April ❤


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