Little Breaks Make Big Changes

On the road, husband driving, so thought I’d blog a bit while it’s not my turn to pick which station we’re going to listen to on Pandora . Haha! Decided to take a spur of the moment road trip to visit my bestie in the Rio Grande Valley. With my step daughter back in Seattle, our nephew starting school, the accident my husband was in, and catching up with work stuff, it has been a bit difficult getting into our usual routine. Our couple of days off consisted of sleeping in, eating and drinking yumminess (which included George Clooney’s tequila-Casamigos), enjoying the coastal breeze, sand between our toes, swimming in the cool gulf waters, and of course hanging out with the bestie and her family.

In just these couple of days I’ve seen a difference in my husband. He’s calmer, more focused about goals, and looks happier. I think he really needed the break. Life gets crazy for everyone, there’s no stopping what is meant to come our way. But no matter what that is, always take time to collect yourself, enjoy and appreciate the little things and people in your life. Keep a positive attitude that there’s always a way to make things better and right, and all will fall into place when it’s meant to. The older I’m getting, the more my gratitude grows for things we cannot replace. If life is crazy… take a break… then tackle it with a stronger, clearer mind. Hope everyone’s week has started out good.


South Padre Island