Caring for your Skin Type

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The Truth about Tanning

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Sun Protection

The skin has a defense mechanism against sun-damage, in the form of melanin. The production of melanin is accelerated on sun-exposure. However, we have seen that this defence is not enough. That is why protection of the skin, with ingredients that block the sun’s radiation damage, is so essential. These sun-block agents are incorporated into sunscreen.

Avoidance of the sun, specially at midday and in the afternoon, when ultraviolet radiation is at its height, can help to reduce the harmful effects. It is also essential to know that ultraviolet radiation is greater near water bodies, like the seaside and where there is snow. Snow, water and even sand reflect the ultraviolet reays and thus increase their rffect.

Exposure to the sun also causes moisture depletion and dries out the skin. Therefore, it is essential to step-up moisturisation, when you have been out of doors for a long time. The use of rehydrant cleansers, which contains aloe vera, can also help to control moisture loss. Aloe vera, like sandalwood, also helps to soothe and heal the skin.

When you are swimming in the sea, or in an open-air pool, remember to apply sunscreen before and after your swim.

Protect yourself with a parasol whenever you are out in the sun.

Remember, you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation even on a cloudy day.


Reasons to get a Chemical Peel

A chemical peel will:

Improve the texture of your skin
Increase the cell turnover rate of your skin
Improve your skin’s ability to hold moisture
Help your skin produce more collagen
Reduce fine lines
Decrease hyperpigmentation
Unclog pores and help clear up acne
Leave your skin smooth
Make your skin softer
Make your skin look more even-toned
Give you a “glow”
Make your skin look dewy
Improve minor scarring




(skin cancer) is a serious concern. It’s so important to protect children (and ourselves) as much as we can, please keep your children lathered up in sunscreen, wearing caps, hats & sunglasses too (helps limit the chances of future cataracts). Each sunburn a child experiences can increase their chance of future problems, plus its very uncomfortable for them.