Stinky Feet Home Remedies

Here are some of the natural remedies which can be followed to get rid of smelly feet.
White Vinegar:
It is very helpful in treating your smelly feet as it disinfects the feet by deodorizing it. Take some amount of white vinegar and dilute in a warm water solution. Now place your feet in this solution for few minutes. Make sure that you properly check your feet before soaking it in the solution of white vinegar as it stings the abrasions etc. present on the skin, as white vinegar could sting if there will be any abrasions, cuts etc. on the skin.
These carry acidic property which makes them antibacterial as well. In order to soak your feet in a lemon solution, dilute some drops of lemon in a water solution and soak your feet in the solution for few minutes. Take proper care of any cuts and abrasions present at it might cause burning sensation on your feet.
Tea Tree Oil:
Just rub some amount of tea tree oil on your foot and it will kill all the bacteria and fungus present on the foot. As it smells good so it will provide a soothing effect to your feet as well.