Step Daughter Goodies

When my step daughter was visiting this summer, we had something in common. We love the beauty world! What we sometimes fail to realize is the cartoon characters and things little girls watch on TV and pay attention to influence how they think a girl should look. My step daughter paid very close attention to me when I applied my makeup, polished my nails, and especially when I did my hair. Because she was so interested, I made sure to show her a few beauty tricks too. She even went back home with a new brush and mirror set, lip gloss, and lots of hair accessories. We had so much fun!
Thankfully, due to social media I’m able to keep in touch with many old high school friends. I’ve been admiring the pictures my friend has been posting of the headbands and other hair accessories she creates herself. I purchased a few with the characters my step daughter likes; she’s going to be so excited when she receives them.
Thought I’d share some pics with ya: