Why You Should Pamper Your Skin

Why should you pamper your skin to a facial? Facials are well known for their simplicity and effectiveness in improving the overall appearance of the facial skin. A facial is a treatment that deeply purifies and exfoliates resulting in smooth and well-hydrated skin. Facials are most often used for minimizing dry skin, acne, wrinkles and skin blemishes. They also work to remove the outer layers of dead skin in order to keep the epidermis toxin free. Receiving facials on a regular basis will cause your pores to remain unclogged and your face to look smooth and healthy. Your skin cells regenerate every six weeks, which is all the more reason to incorporate facials into your life. Facials are a relaxing way to keep your face looking its best.

Now that you know why you should treat your skin to a regular facial, let me give you some reasons why you should get a facial with me! Here goes:

#10 Free Skin Analysis! Get a thorough skin analysis, with more time taken to learn about your skin, tools available to look deeper into the layers of your skin, and a longer term treatment plan defined.

#9 Extractions in a Breeze! Clearing clogged comedones keeps skin healthy and supple while preventing acne. It is recommended to extract those comedones once a week in a SAFE manner. Having a trained professional perform extractions allows a variety of angles and techniques. I also have tools and machines that open pores, hydrate the skin to make it flexible, liquefy impacted material, and protect the surrounding skin while comedones literally slide out.

#8 I LOVE What I Do! I am passionate about your skin and love working with it! I love learning more and putting to use the information I have in making your skin look the best it possibly can!

#7 Not Just For Women! Too many men grow up still washing their face with bar soap and water, wishing their skin was different, yet clueless how to solve it. They still neglect their skin and feel ashamed and embarrassed about their appearance. Facials are not“girly” treatments. EVERYONE deserves to feel comfortable and attractive in their own skin. No one thinks to educate teenage boys how to reduce acne or not to pick. Any age group, any gender, any race will benefit from learning totake care of their skin.

#6 Specialized Products! No skin is exactly the same, and no client has the same goals for their skin. That is why a quality esthetician will meet you, talk with you, and learn about you before the procedure so the very best choice of products can be chosen. There is a reason why every good product line has choices and ways to adapt products to individuals and their skin care goals. Your skin receives pampering and ingredients applied just for it!

#5 Massage Isn’t Just For Relaxation! Massage techniques have a variety of purposes. Not only does a massage loosen muscles and lower heart rate and blood pressure (that brings you into a deep state of relaxation!), it can actually heal your skin! Massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and boosts your immune system. It delivers more nutrients to your skin and removes more waste. It can stimulate collagen and elastin to form in the dermis and plump the skin back to healthy levels. It can reactivate the microcurrent impulses in the skin to reduce or prevent sagging skin. Even just a facial massage can work acupuncture meridians to relieve tension, blockages, or imbalances in the entire body. It can even help exfoliate dead skin, loosening acneic debris, or it help drive beneficial, moisturizing ingredients deeper. If you have never had a facial massage, you have no idea what you’re missing!

#4 Because You Can! Many people are afraid of the expense of ‘extras’ like spa treatments, luckily I’m affordable. Especially in a tough economic situation, taking care of our skin is considered an unnecessary expense. Many product lines found in grocery stores feed off of the fear, selling you quick-fixes that don’t actually fix anything. They use cheap fillers that fill your pores with gunk, and ingredients that dry your skin out, insuring you will be back for more soon! They don’t want you to know facials can be the least expensive items on a spa menu! Truly beneficial product lines do not need fillers, and they will last longer than store bought items. Taking care of your skin may cost a little more up front, but it is less than you think and will cost you less in the long term. *Check out my specials: http://shinebeautifully.me/thelilsparoom/specials

#3 Create A Plan! The things we can do in the treatment room are only half of the success of your skin. The other half is a great home-care regime. It is hard to know exactly what to do at home, by yourself, and be the only one celebrating your success! With an esthetician, you have someone as equally excited and invested in your skin as you are! You will have a plan that we can decide together that fits your life, preferences, and skin perfectly! I want to be your partner in creating healthy skin for you!

#2 A Spiritual Experience! Facials involve a lot of physical touch, which can initiate a bond between esthetician and pamperee. The positioning of an esthetician at the head of the bed puts the esthetician’s solar plexus chakra in alignment with the clients crown chakra, creating a unique flow of energy between each life force. A great esthetician realizes this exchange and utilizes it to benefit each person they work with. I like to bring peace, love, and self-fulfillment to my clients, receiving their worries and returning the energy with feelings of confident and peace. There is no greater reward or benefit to my life than to make a new friend and feel them feeling beautiful, powerful, and calm.

#1 YOU DESERVE IT!!! Seriously, when did you last do something to feel good about yourself? That pair of sensible flats you bought to wear to work every day does NOT count. Taking care of yourself, or more importantly, FEELING good about yourself is VITAL to your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. You cannot hope to lead a healthy life if you do not take a few minutes to breathe. Let someone else pamper you. Give your brain a chance to catch up to you! The first step to healing the world is to take care of you first! Hope to hear from you soon! ~April

Q-Tips Beauty Tips

Q-tips cotton swabs and Q-tips Precision Tips are an excellent alternative to using a makeup brush or sponge. They provide precise makeup application, are great for softening the bright colors, and safe for delicate skin around the eyes.
Disposable Eye Shadow Brushes

Q-tips cotton swabs and Q-tips Precision Tips are great for eye shadow application because they are disposable so you can use a new one for each color to ensure hues stay true. No need to worry about washing brushes while layering colors…they are a cleaner alternative!

Fix the Makeup “Oops”!

To fix makeup mistakes, just dip a dot of makeup remover on a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip – to erase it! Perfect for fixing a smudge without having to re-do your whole look.

Keep Makeup In Place on Your Face!

Dip Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips under a little water to pick up any makeup particles that have fallen under the eye or on your cheeks.

Highlight Brows and Cheekbones

As a great way to highlight and brighten the cheekbones and eyes, apply a natural shade of shimmer powder using Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to the upper brow area and apple of the cheekbone.

Rosy Up Those Cheeks

Rosy up those cheeks with a hint of pink shimmer. Use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply your shimmering powder to the apples of cheeks to get glowing in no time.

A Healthy Glow – Year Round

Keep up a healthy glow all year by adding bronzer or shimmer to your cheeks using Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips.

The Ultimate Smokey Eye Look

To achieve a quick smokey eye, draw a thick line close to your lash line using your eyeliner and smudge upwards with a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip to create a “smokey” effect.

Day to Night Glamour in Shades of Gray

To instantly take your look from daytime to date night use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips and a small eye shadow compact with shades of gray. Use one to layer and blend multiple hues for a softer, updated version of the “smokey eye.

”Dab Three Dots to Hide Under Eye Circles

Hide under eye circles by using one end of a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip to dab on three dots of concealer and the other end to blend in for a seamless finish.

Keep Your Perfect Pout in Place

Keep lip color from bleeding by using Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply loose translucent powder along the outer edge of the lips.

A Quick Fix for Eye Shadow Creases

Smooth eye shadow creases on the lids with Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips.

Create a Shimmering Glow

Use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply concealer or shimmer cream along the center of nose for a longer, thinner look. To further enhance the long, thin look, apply two dots of taupe shadow to either side of the bridge of your nose.

For Longer Lasting Mascara

To dramatize eyes and keep mascara lasting all night long, apply extra coats of mascara. First apply one coat of mascara, then dip a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip in translucent powder and sweep over lashes. Finally, cover with a second coat of mascara.

Define Cheeks with Cream Blush

To define cheeks, use a Q-tips cotton swab to apply cream blush to hollows of cheeks and blend it up and out into skin with clean fingers toward the hairline.

Achieve a Softer Lip Color

To achieve a softer lip color, use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to line lips with blush.

Dot Dot Dash for Softer Lip Liner

To soften your lip liner look, make a dot dot dash pattern with lip liner and use a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip to blend and soften.

Ready, Set, Go (out)!

To set your make-up before a party, apply a loose translucent powder with Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips.

Fill In Brows for a Softer Look

After tweezing eyebrows, fill in brows with an eye pencil or shadow. Wipe off any excess with a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip to create a softer look.

Precision Powdering

Rather than applying powder on the entire face, use your Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to dab loose powder only where you need it – for example, the center of the forehead, the sides of the nose and the chin.

Come In for a Gorgeous Landing

“Roll” Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips in your favorite eye shadow and store in a plastic wrap – re-apply after flight.

Apply Fake Lashes

Use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to help apply fake lashes! Start by applying a dab of lash adhesive to a Q-tips cotton swab. Keep the tip as close to the lash line and use it to guide the application of the faux lash strip.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Simplify your beauty routine and space – stick to five beauty essentials: tinted moisturizer, a multi-purpose makeup stick for eyes, cheeks and lips, concealer, one tube of mascara and one of Q-tips cotton swabs’ four new beautifully designed Vanity Packs help apply your makeup.

Create a Glossy Pout

Use Q-tips cotton swabs to apply lip-gloss from a pot.

A Disposable Wand For Concealer

Use Q-tips cotton swabs to apply concealer from a container without a wand.

Apply Eye Shadow

Use Q-tips cotton swabs to apply darker eye shadow color at the edges or along the lash line.

Maximize The Life of Your Lipstick

Use Q-tips cotton swabs to get every last bit of color from a lipstick.

Help Treat Blemishes

To help quickly heal blemishes, apply a small dollop of an acne spot treatment with salicylic acid to the end of a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip. They will help you treat blemishes without adding additional oils from your fingers.

Mask a Blemish

To quickly hide a blemish, simply moisten one end of your Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip with an astringent that contains salicylic acid and lightly dab on to the blemish. Use the other end as a makeup applicator to apply an oil-free concealer to mask the blemish.

Apply Moisturizer with an SPF

To help ensure even sun protection, use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply a light moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. Place a dot on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, and blend with clean fingers for even coverage.

Remove Puffiness and Soothe Skin

Help remove puffiness under the eyes with Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips. Place in the freezer a small bag of Q-tips cotton swabs that have been dampened with water. Once chilled, roll under the eyes to alleviate any puffiness and soothe swollen skin.

Carry-on Eye Cream for Long Flights

Instead of carrying eye cream on the plane – dip Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips in eye cream and store in plastic wrap. Dab on eye area after takeoff and put on eye mask. Go to sleep and wake up with gorgeous, moist skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Spot-On Applicator

Use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply your anti-wrinkle cream directly to lines and creases.

Ensure a Long-Lasting Fragrance

To ensure a long-lasting fragrance, dip a Q-tips cotton swab into your favorite perfume and apply somewhere on the skin where it will stay put – such as on the neck or behind the ears.

Keep Summer Highlights GlowingKeep your summer highlights glowing – use Q-tipscotton swabs to apply just the right amount of highlighter to your hair for streaks or for precision when touching up roots.

The At-Home Manicure

Give yourself an at-home manicure and pedicure with Q-tips Precision Tips by lightly moistening the end with nail polish remover to create your own “magic wand” that instantly erases unwanted mistakes.

Self-Tan Flawlessly

Use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to apply self tanning lotion around your eyes and nose for a flawless sun-kissed look.

Flawless Hair Removal

When using hair-removal wax, use a Q-tips cotton swab or Q-tips Precision Tip to gently apply the wax to ensure precise application.

Control Crazy Eyebrows

Control unruly brows by applying a small amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly using Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips.

Cleaner Brow Tweezing

Before tweezing brows, use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips soaked in alcohol or an astringent to clean the brow area.

Create a Festive Shimmer!

Add a fun, festive glow by using Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips to “dot” shimmer lotion around the collarbone area or on the shoulders and blend.

For Every Beauty Occasion

Occasions to have Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips on hand for beauty purposes include Prom, High School reunions, weddings, first day on the job, Halloween, and holidays.