A little about Microderm

Microdermabrasion (Also known as microderm). is a noninvasive, skin resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates or polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells, while stimulating collagen growth, to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother. Fine lines, blemishes, dull skin and sun spots can be improved, especially with regular treatments. Products such as moisturizers, creams and lotions are more easily absorbed and therefore more effective after microdermabrasion treatment. This is a painless, low-risk skin treatment that can be added to your beauty routine.

When to Consider microderm:

If you want to brighten your skin and have a healthy glow.
If you have sun damage, acne scars, or fine lines.
If your pores are clogged and you often have blackheads and/or whiteheads.
If you want to maintain healthy, clear skin.

Immediate result with no downtime, pain, or side effects.
Improved look of scars, wrinkles, and skin spots.
Effective for all skin types and colors.

Cannot help serious skin conditions such as deep acne, active rosacea, eczema or dermatitis.
Requires multiple sessions and maintenance treatments for maximum effectiveness.
Skin may feel sensitive and be sensitive to the sun immediately after treatment.

Am I a good candidate for a microderm? There are virtually no skin type limitations for microdermabrasion.



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Achieve Beautiful Skin WithOUT Needles

The Dermis, also known as the “living layer”, is arguably the most important layer of skin. This layer is responsible for collagen, elastin, reticulin, & hyaluronic acid production.

Collagen: a substance that occurs naturally in the bodies of people and animals and is often put into creams and other products that are sold to make a person’s skin smoother and less wrinkled.

Spa Words:

  • Elastin: a protein that is similar to collagen and is the chief constituent of elastic fibers.
  • Reticulin: a protein substance similar to collagen that is a constituent of reticular tissue.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: a viscous glycosaminoglycan that occurs especially in the vitreous body, the umbilical cord, and synovial fluid and as a cementing substance in the subcutaneous tissue.

Over time, collagen stores and production diminishes resulting in loss of firmness and structure of the skin, which ultimately causes unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin.

Working your skin with the right products & techniques speeds up cellular renewal creating a “filling” effect to that of the “wrinkle filling” injections, but without the needle.

“Wrinkle filling” injections can only temporarily fill in the gaps and may cause pain and/or severe side-effects.

Facials promote increased blood circulation to the face allowing more oxygen and more nutrients to reach cells of the skin.

Facials work like exercise, stimulating muscles to not only improve facial contours, but to also rebuild structure from the inside out for more permanent effect.



New Spa Services for 2014

2013 was quite a year; being at The Lil Spa Room full time for my first year, I have to say it’s been quite a learning experience. The passion that fills my heart doing what I love has grown beyond measures. Now that I am my own full time boss, I have been able to take more classes and play with new products and treatments. I have brought in quite a few new treatments to my studio. I gave each one great thought on why they would benefit my clients. Continue reading to see what new treatments are offered and why. Spa la la…

New for 2014

Eyelash Perming $50 (lasts 4-6 weeks): The great thing about eyelash perming is you no longer need to waste extra time using an eyelash curler. Swipe on that mascara and you’re good to go.

Eyelash Flare Extensions Natural $55 Dramatic $75 Fills $25 (lasts 1-3 weeks): What woman doesn’t want long, thick beautiful lashes? Not only does it bring out your eye color, make your eyes stand out and sparkle, you can totally ditch your mascara and eyelash curler.

Facial Add-on Enhancers

Collagen or Treatment Mask $30: Visibly revive and maintain the skin’s firmness, smooth its texture, moisturize, re-hydrate, purify clarity, reduce the size of pores & fines lines and wrinkles with this treatment mask. This add-on mask is great for those that want more anti-aging treatment added to their facial or for those with very thirsty skin. It’s not only a great facial booster, you can see results instantly.

Collagen Eye Treatment $25: Reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles, hydrates, and minimize fine lines. This treatment focuses on the eye area only, think of it as an “eye facial”. What’s big in San Antonio…ALLERGIES!!! I see so many clients with dry, puffy eyes that need extra attention. This treatment puts hydration back into the delicate eye area and also diminishing those fine lines that come with being dehydrated from allergy meds and/or rubbing your eye area constantly.

Collagen Lip Treatment $15: Add this treatment on to any facial to exfoliate & moisturize dry, cracked lips. Great for those that are constantly licking their lips, have trouble with dehydration, and those with allergies as well. Put moisture back into those lips and keep those puckers dewy and kissable.

Facial Series

Invest in your skin & save with a series! Purchase 3 facials or skin care treatments & get 1 FREE! This is perfect for those that are on a mission for great skin. Clients that visit faithfully once a month, those with acne issues, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), smokers, sun worshippers, and those with mature skin looking for dramatic change in their skin would benefit from a series.


Like our regular clients, referrals are appreciated; refer 3 clients and get your next facial FREE! My clientele has grown due to everyone spreading the word about my services. To show appreciation, have your referrals mention your name and when the third one does, your facial is FREE! (This doesn’t include skin care treatments)

Wellness Wednesdays

Come in on Wednesdays for a Seasonal facial for only $35!