Teenager Acne Issues & Skin Care Tips

Are you a parent with an acne prone teenager? If your answer is yes, you may want to show them this blog. Teens usually do not listen to their parents when it comes to their skin. Maybe after reading this, they’ll get a little better about skin care. Teenagers from ages 12 to 17 are affected, at least occasionally, by acne.  It is by far the most common skin complaint in this age group.

Acne at any level should be taken very seriously, especially by teenagers. Moderate to severe scarring can become a problem in teenagers with untreated acne. (Scarring comes from picking and spreading the bacteria of the pimples causing more breakouts and damaging the skin.) In turn, the scars left behind can cause emotional pain and discomfort in social situations. My clients that are parents of acne prone teenagers often tell me how embarrassed their teen is of their skin; most of the time it’s because they didn’t get the acne treated in time.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It protects and covers the body, is waterproof, bacteria proof, and it self-repairs when it is injured. Your skin, hair and nails are a reflection of your state of health.  Skin is repairable, but is not replaceable, so take care of the skin you’re in.teensmiles

Diet also plays a major role in how skin behaves.  You must eat a balanced diet in order for your body to function properly.  The old saying “you are what you eat” is true in my opinion. So avoid fast food, junk food, fried, & fatty foods. You breakout areas will definitely show of you are eating these kinds of foods. (The cheek area is usually where digestive breakouts occur)

Our bodies must process everything we eat.  All waste is not eliminated in the same manner and many things are eliminated through our skin. Take garlic for example.  If you eat a meal that is full of garlic, the next day the scent of garlic can often be smelled on your skin.  Brewers Yeast is another example.  Brewers Yeast is a rich source of the B-complex vitamins, which tend to have a very strong scent. Many doctors and pharmacists recommend taking this product in high quantities during summer to avoid mosquito bites.  B-vitamins are water soluble, so anything your body does not use will be eliminated through your skin or in your urine. Even though you will not be able to detect the scent on your skin, mosquitoes have a keen sense of smell and they will stay off you because it. These two items are perfect examples of our body eliminating through our skin. In the same manner, many other foods can affect our bodies in the same way.

Drinking plenty of fluids is extremely important for healthy skin.  Water is most important because it aids in the digestion and absorption of food.  Water is also responsible for carrying nutrients to the skin and waste away from the cells, as well as regulating body temperature.

Eating a low-fat diet is recommended for healthy skin.  A diet high in fruits and vegetables is best since they are loaded with antioxidants which help to keep the skin supple and nourished. Include regular exercise along with diet to increase blood flow to the skin.  Increased blood flow to the surface of the skin not only gives you the appearance of a healthy glow, it also helps clean and repair the skin tissues.

Another major culprit responsible for acne flare-ups is airborne grease.  Working in a fast food restaurant can be harder on your skin than eating at one.  If you work at a fast food establishment there are steps you can take to help keep your skin clean and clear: If possible, wash your face a couple of times a day with a mild cleanser and warm water (not hot) to remove surface oils and dead skin cells. Never scrub your skin hard, especially with an abrasive cleanser.  One cause of acne is oily buildup, not dirt, so scrubbing hard won’t help and can actually irritate the skin and further inflame your acne. If you do not have access to a sink, but still want to clean the oil from your face, there are several different face-cleansing cloths available on the market that you can use.teenskin

Shampoo your hair regularly. Keep in mind to avoid oily shampoos, hair gels, and conditioners, as these products can transfer from your hair to your face during the day or at night while you sleep and cause problems with your skin.

Stop touching your face!  Many people touch their face continually during the day for many reasons.  If you are studying, do not rest your hands on your face while you look down at your books. Every time you touch your face you transfer all sorts of germs and bacteria from all the doorknobs, money, etc. that you have touched during the day.

Here is something a lot of people do not think of very often.  If you use a phone a lot, keep the receiver off your face. The dirt and germs that build up on the phone, along with the constant friction against your face, can cause breakouts in key areas such as the chin.  If being on the phone all day “is” your job, see if your boss will spring for an inexpensive headset to help the problem.

For the girls:  Never use oil-based makeup or other products.  Check the labels of everything you use and if oil is an ingredient, throw it away!  Look for products with non-comedogenic, water-based, and oil -free on the label. If you have oily skin and you use a pressed powder, be sure to look for one with oil control… and be sure to wash your powder pad often.

teenboyFor the boys:  If you have started to shave your face, always use a sharp razor. Old razors with dull blades will drag across your skin and cause rashes and irritation.

Do not think that just because you have oily skin you do not need to use a moisturizer.  Your skin can be oil rich, but moisture dry, so find a light moisturizer that works for you.  You need to balance out the moisture levels in your skin.  If it has enough moisture, the oil glands will not produce as much.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure to wear an oil-free sunscreen, such as a gel or light lotion.  Gel and light lotion sunscreens will not aggravate your acne and will help you avoid skin cancer in your adult years.  If you are currently seeing a dermatologist, some skin treatments can increase your skin’s sun sensitivity, so be sure to wear your sunscreen if you are outside.  Talk to your doctor if you have questions about the treatment you are receiving and how it relates to sun exposure.  Something else to keep in mind regarding the sun and how it affects your skin:  sunburn is your skins way of saying it has been injured, but so is a tan.  When your skin browns or reddens, is using its defense mechanism by producing melanin. Melanin acts as a protective biological shield against ultraviolet radiation.  By doing this, your skin is trying to prevent sunburn damage that could lead to melanoma later in life.  So be careful if you are a sun worshiper, you will regret it later in life when the wrinkles caused by sun damage start to appear.

And most importantly: If you do have a pimple, do not squeeze it or pick at it.  Picking or squeezing pimples only irritates the tissue more and increases your chance of getting scars.  Only qualified skin professionals (dermatologists or estheticians) can safely remove pimples without causing more harm.

If you would like to help you teen’s acne issue, feel free to contact me for more information, or better yet schedule a facial for them.

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SPA TIP: How to make a Fishtail Braid

STEP 1: Separate hair into two equal sections at the back of the head. Fishtail braiding requires only two sections (not three, like a classic or French braid).

STEP 2: Start the fishtail braid by holding the right section with your right hand. Then, using your left hand, pick up a small chunk (a half-inch) of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the inside of the right section.(Hint: Try picking the hair up from the area near the base of your ear. It’s important to pull sections from underneath when you cross over to get that scaly look.)

STEP 3: Repeat on the other side: Hold the left section in your left hand. Use your right hand to pick up a half-inch of hair from the outer right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section.

STEP 4: Continue adding small sections and crossing them over until you reach the ends of your hair, and secure with an elastic. Pull on the braid a bit to loosen it.



Nail Salon Etiquette: What Clients Say, What Nail Techs Would Like to

What clients say…What nail techs would like to say…What should be said!

What The Client Says: “It just fell off.”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Right, you probably picked it off.

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: A simple, “I’m sorry, let’s see what we can do to fix it,” suits most clients. Clients are bound to break a nail from time to time. If they are particularly stressed, they may aggressively pick at the nail. At some point in the service, go over home care and what to do if a nail loosens or breaks. When the customer realizes there is no blame, she may just open up and tell you what really happened.

What The Client Says: “My kids won’t be any trouble.”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Not if they’re not here, they won’t.

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: Granted, the salon poses unique hazards for unattended children. If you would rather clients not bring them, say so. Many of the techs we talked to place a statement in their brochure and on their website guiding potential clients as to what is customary in the salon. “I’m sorry, children can be a distraction for other guests who are receiving services,” works well if pressed to allow them to tag along.

What The Client Says: “Can I bring my own implements or supplies?”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Gee, I just love working with strange tools. Don’t you trust me?

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: “It’s not necessary. We adhere strictly to state guidelines for sanitation and disinfection,” makes a nice lead-in to explaining the steps you take to protect clients. If you get this request a lot, consider adding a page to your brochure or website that outlines your procedures, endearing you to sanitation-conscious individuals in search of a great pedicure.

What The Client Says: “Sorry, I’m late.”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: You should be.

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: Things happen from time to time, and we all run late. Kindly let the client know you have a tight schedule. Depending on time, you may have to shorten the service or reschedule. Give her options such as, “Would you rather I omit the massage or the polish from your manicure?” This will leave the client feeling like you are interested in giving her the best service and doesn’t let on that you may be miffed.

What The Client Says: “Sorry, I didn’t call to cancel. I figured you would enjoy the break.”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Oh, no problem I love going to work and NOT getting paid.

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: A gentle nudge is all most clients need to straighten up. Saying, “Breaks are nice. In the future, if you could give us a call the day before, we can alert clients who may be waiting for an opening,” shifts the focus from the tech to the world at large. You can bet the next time she is waiting for a cancellation, she will remember the kind people who call to cancel well ahead of their appointment time.

What The Client Says: “Can you squeeze me in?”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Sure, I’ll just whip up a fill in the five minutes before my next client.

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: Let your client know you are booked and you will be happy to give her a ring if you get a cancellation. If you have a smaller time slot open, suggest a comparable service that requires less time. If another tech is available, give her the option of letting someone else perform the service.

What The Client Says: “I can get my nails done for half the price down the street.”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Well, why aren’t you there?

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: If a salon doesn’t make a profit, it won’t stay in business. If you feel you must respond to statements like this, you may say something like “We try to offer the best service and highest quality products available.” This allows you to toot your own horn without lowering yourself to bad-mouthing the salon down the street.

What The Client Says: “Can you stay late for me? What about your day off?”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Why not? I don’t have a life or anything.

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: This is one area where less information is best. Reply with a firm, “I’m sorry, no, I have plans,” then offer them the next available opening. You may also add, “Would you like to pre-book a few appointments, so you can get the time you want in the future?”

What The Client Says:“You don’t mind if I eat while you do my nails, do you?”

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Did you bring any for me?

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: Cross-contamination is the last thing on clients’ minds. While many salons offer light refreshments, the nail table is an awkward place to consume a Big Mac and fries. A polite “I would prefer if you finished your sandwich before we get started,” does the trick. If pressed, you may explain that oil or debris from food could contaminate the nail and prevent adhesion. You would be unable to wash the hands midway through the service. Mentioning that OSHA requires “food not be consumed in treatment areas where salon chemicals are used,” may also deter eating at the table.

What The Client Says: “Hurry, I have to be out of here in _____ minutes.” (half the time required)

What Your Nail Tech Would Like to Say: Would you like me to do your left or right foot?

What Your Nail Tech Should Say: Your client has over-stuffed her day. Now, the pressure is on you. Keep your cool. Let her know you will work as fast as you can, but some steps are crucial to the service. Sincerely say, “I can complete as much as possible in that time, or we can reschedule.” I can see you cringing. Yes, you may lose a bit of time if she reschedules. We live in a world of immediate gratification; chances are good she will choose what she can have done now.

AprilApril M. Monterrosa is the Owner of  The Lil Spa Room , PCA Skin Certified, a Nuskin Skin Care Distributor, Founder of  Wonderfully Wise Women, & a Writer for SAXtreme Magazine. Just a simple &  Proud Latina from San Antonio, Texas, a Marine Corps wife, Mama of a Dachshund, & a licensed Cosmetologist of 17+ years, blogging about things I love most…Beauty, Love, Life, Spa, Wine, and everything else in between! Check out my Other Blog at: wonderfullywisewomen.me



How to Get Rid of Split-Ends

Trim the hair.
Do not allow the hair to dry out.
One must treat the hair gently.
Avoid tight braids as they can break the hair.
Visit the beauty salon regularly to treat the hair.
Keep the hair confined at night like making braid.
Use a satin pillowcase to avoid split ends.
Moisturize the hair with a hair conditioner.
Wash the hair carefully.Avoid over drying.
Excessive blow drying needs to be avoided.
Curlers also can damage the hair.Vigorous brushing of the hair should be avoided.
Gently comb wet hair while removing the tangles.


AprilApril M. Monterrosa is the Owner of  The Lil Spa Room , PCA Skin Certified, a Nuskin Skin Care Distributor, Founder of  Wonderfully Wise Women, & a Writer for SAXtreme Magazine. Just a simple &  Proud Latina from San Antonio, Texas, a Marine Corps wife, Mama of a Dachshund, & a licensed Cosmetologist of 17+ years, blogging about things I love most…Beauty, Love, Life, Spa, Wine, and everything else in between! Check out my Other Blog at: wonderfullywisewomen.me

Unique & Interesting Hair and Nail Facts


While they’re not a living part of your body, most people spend a good amount of time caring for their hair and nails. The next time you’re heading in for a haircut or manicure, think of these facts.

1. Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on the body. If you’ve ever had a covering of stubble on your face as you’re clocking out at 5 o’clock you’re probably pretty familiar with this. In fact, if the average man never shaved his beard it would grow to over 30 feet during his lifetime, longer than a killer whale.

2. Every day the average person loses 60-100 strands of hair. Unless you’re already bald, chances are good that you’re shedding pretty heavily on a daily basis. Your hair loss will vary in accordance with the season, pregnancy, illness, diet and age.

3. Women’s hair is about half the diameter of men’s hair. While it might sound strange, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that men’s hair should be coarser than that of women. Hair diameter also varies on average between races, making hair plugs on some men look especially obvious.

4. One human hair can support 3.5 ounces. That’s about the weight of two full size candy bars, and with hundreds of thousands of hairs on the human head, makes the tale of Rapunzel much more plausible.

5. The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger. And the nail on the middle finger of your dominant hand will grow the fastest of all. Why is not entirely known, but nail growth is related to the length of the finger, with the longest fingers growing nails the fastest and shortest the slowest.

6. There are as many hairs per square inch on your body as a chimpanzee. Humans are not quite the naked apes that we’re made out to be. We have lots of hair, but on most of us it’s not obvious as a majority of the hairs are too fine or light to be seen.

7. Blondes have more hair. They’re said to have more fun, and they definitely have more hair. Hair color determines how dense the hair on your head is. The average human has 100,000 hair follicles, each of which is capable of producing 20 individual hairs during a person’s lifetime.

8. Blondes average 146,000 follicles while people with black hair tend to have about 110,000 follicles. Those with brown hair fit the average with 100,000 follicles and redheads have the least dense hair, with about 86,000 follicles.

Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails. If you notice that you’re trimming your fingernails much more frequently than your toenails you’re not just imagining it. The nails that get the most exposure and are used most frequently grow the fastest. On average, nails on both the toes and fingers grow about one-tenth of an inch each month.

9. The lifespan of a human hair is 3 to 7 years on average. While you quite a few hairs each day, your hairs actually have a pretty long life providing they aren’t subject to any trauma. Your hairs will likely get to see several different haircuts, styles, and even possibly decades before they fall out on their own.

10. You must lose over 50% of your scalp hairs before it is apparent to anyone. You lose hundreds of hairs a day but you’ll have to lose a lot more before you or anyone else will notice. Half of the hairs on your pretty little head will have to disappear before your impending baldness will become obvious to all those around you.

11. Human hair is virtually indestructible. Aside from it’s flammability, human hair decays at such a slow rate that it is practically non-disintegrative. If you’ve ever wondered how your how clogs up your pipes so quick consider this: hair cannot be destroyed by cold, change of climate, water, or other natural forces and it is resistant to many kinds of acids and corrosive chemicals.
2040_10200133690965479_1403608009_nApril M. Monterrosa is the Owner of  The Lil Spa Room , PCA Skin Certified, a Nuskin Skin Care Distributor, Founder of  Wonderfully Wise Women, & a Writer for SAXtreme Magazine. Just a simple &  Proud Latina from San Antonio, Texas, a Marine Corps wife, Mama of a Dachshund, & a licensed Cosmetologist of 17+ years, blogging about things I love most…Beauty, Love, Life, Spa, Wine, and everything else in between! Check out my other Blog at: wonderfullywisewomen.me

5 Steps to Smokey Eyes

1. Take a black pencil and roughly (thickly) line your top lash line. A thin line on your lower lash line as well.

2. With a pencil brush, smudge the liner to create smokey look, sort of blending up towards the crease but NOT in the crease.

3. Take a black/dark grey/gun metal color and set the black liner.4 – Take a dark brown or medium brown or any color of your choice for your crease and with a fluffy brush, go back and forth in the crease.

*Optional, take a matte highlighter or shimmery (your preference) and apply it to your brow bone.

5. Umph your lashes with 2 coats of mascara.

Enhancing Your Facial with Collagen

Collagen masks offer a trusted and convenient solution to protect the breakdown and boost the production of collagen in our skin.


They are an essential part of everyone’s skin care routine, especially for those who have reached the age of 25 when collagen starts to diminish at an average rate of 1.5% , a diminution rate fast enough to let our skin manifest the dreaded premature signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning, and to bring the level of our collagen from our youth down by 33% by the time we reach the age of 40.


Collagen masks remarkably help to maintain the skin’s youthfulness and retard skin aging. They can visibly revive and maintain the skin’s firmness and smooth texture, moisturize and rehydrate dry skin the natural way, reduce the size of pores, fines lines, and wrinkles, and most importantly, help to keep your skin cells in proper functioning.


Add a collagen mask to any of your facial treatments! $30