Random Moments of Delight #1

Lately I have been keeping up with my fellow bloggers a bit more and came across this challenge call the Random Moments of Delight Challenge; because of the amazing entries I came across, I decided to join it myself. My first entry is about a weekend getaway where I was able to enjoy scenery that was beyond beautiful. A sunrise deep in the hill country of Leakey, Texas; spring had arrived and the array of colors46871_10200507489030197_1576457832_n proved it. Mountain laurel, cedar, oak and mesquite trees, and of course plenty of wildflowers to see; I even saw deer, turkey, doves, finches, roadrunners, lizards, and frogs. The wind felt amazing out there, crisp like the air of autumn blowing enough to give you a slight chill. The aroma of the night’s campfire blended in with all the smells of nature is unlike no other. The peace and quiet allows you to listen to things you wouldn’t be able hear in the city. The wind softly whistling, a raven flying over my head, and branches colliding together as the breeze brings them closely. I guess Mother Nature has her own symphony.

When it was afternoon there, the sky is blue and filled with huge white clouds; you would think you were looking at a painting. The sun was happily shining on all the hilltops bringing out their deep green colors. With the wind even softer than the morning, the sun kissed you enough to feel warmth.  Birds were chirping all day as if they were singing you a song. It could have been complete silence and the view alone took your breath away. God definitely blessed Texas.

843960_467312610003409_499228480_oAs the sun began to set, the sky was a burnt orange with streaks of crimson, and the sun looked like a huge citrus fruit that you wanted to sink your teeth into. Right beside it was a subtle silhouette of the moon in a blue sky. It’s amazing to see the sky at its half way point from day to night. Night time tends to come quickly here and just as you think you’ll miss all the beauty daytime has to offer, the sky is black with so many bright stars looking down at you ready to hear all your thoughts and wishes.  Again, Mother Nature’s symphony begins, even louder than when the sun is out. I think she has her creatures of the wilderness show off a bit when they can’t be seen.

Not a phone ringing, a text coming in, or any sound of city traffic. How can you miss any of that when you’re surrounded by such beauty; things we take for granted. Get out and appreciate nature, the beautiful scenery that’s close to you. Something about nature always gives us inner peace. This was definitely a random moment of delight.45472_10200386016313455_1683649840_n