Years of longing finally came to an end. It was here, that one chance to feel the most unforgettable feeling in my existence. Only one night, filled with desire, love spewing from every direction in the room, it was common ground, yet still shaky with nerves of innocence. He’s the one, my long lost love, where my soul feels at home, where it belongs. His touch is like no other, it’s safe yet erotic in its own way. His kisses feel like rain, dripping all over my naive mind. And the look that he gave me is one I can only read. Night was almost over,  the sun was on its way, and though it came to an end, every time I close my eyes it’s all I see.


My Eyes

I close my eyes and see your face.
Every chance I get you feel closer to me, sometimes I’m even able to touch you with my mind. As my heart races within these thoughts, you vanish to your own dark world where I’m never invited to. My eyes open without me realizing it; it’s like you never existed. I close my eyes and see your face. That’s the only way to get close to you, the only way I can have you.


If only we could dive into an ocean filled with tears of joy to cleanse our souls of all its madness.
To start our lives with a clean slate erasing all of our mistakes only to make them all over again.
Forgiving all who have ripped a piece of our heart to shreds and forgetting the pain ever existed.


How do you trust someone after they’ve lied to you, over and over, lie after lie. Their focus was  temporarily elsewhere, not just one, but two and even three times. Their mind had drifted into a dark world that you didn’t have a chance to exist in. You gave yourself this time, for love, for life, forever. The walls around your heart had disappeared only leaving it exposed to sorrow and disappointment. You’re to weak to be angry and still obey your vows. With so much to give and all unnoticed, the unappreciated out weighs everything in between. How do you trust someone after they’ve lied to you, over and over, lie after lie…well you don’t.

Stood With You

I’ve stood with you on the ocean, enjoying the tranquil sounds of the sea.
I’ve stood with you in a forest, watching the sun set in the fall.
I’ve stood with you in the desert, against the winds of the strongest sandstorm.
And even though wherever I may stand with you is in my dreams, They are my dreams
and in them you are mine too.

Never Forget

I never forget your face
Yours is the one that brightens my day
I never forget your eyes
Yours are the ones that see right through me
I never forget your mouth
Your always has something sweet and silly to say
I never forget your touch
Yours makes me feel alive
I never forget your voice
Yours speaks to me even through our distance
I never forget your love
Your love is unforgettable
I never forget you
You never forget me

I Wish

I wish you’d see me for all that I am.
I wish you’d hear me I’m screaming with all my might.
I wish you’d speak to me instead of holding back.
I wish you’d miss me the way you found me.
I wish you’d love me the way you say you do.