Family Blessings

Believe it or not, I’m actually sitting in a hospital room right next to my sister in law. My mom, dad, 2 brothers, and my nephew are here also, even my uncle and cousin joined us as well. Hopefully soon, my husband will be off from work and won’t miss the birth of our new nephew. Times like this I feel especially lucky to have such a close family bond with my immediate family, my sister in law included. Being that I don’t have any sisters, my sister in law has been around our family for almost 10 years, and we have always gotten along like real sisters, she’s considered immediate family as well.

I remember when i was growing up and there were family functions we attended, there was never this much closeness with other parts of our extended family. There were favorites, fake smiles, or that jealous smirk. Even though my parents turned a blind eye to these things out of respect for family members, it was always obvious to me….I was never a naive child. Its really sad how your parents siblings that have so much envy have no shame in controlling their own children in preventing any kind of family bond…but that’s a whole other blog.

Back to the joy…knowing how my parents grew up makes me wonder how they managed to keep us all so close even till this day. I can’t tell you how joyous this occasion is for me, not having children of my own, being an auntie comes close enough to experiencing motherhood in some way, at least for now. All of us being there for one another especially my brother’s little family, just makes me feel blessed to be in such a loving family and growing up with the mind set that family is the most important thing…it’s everything. Welcome to the world my new nephew…God chose a wonderful family for you to be apart of.