Beach Beauty Tips

1. Use water proof mascara just on upper lashes: This will enhance your eyes slightly and won’t look like over kill.

2. Use concealer only if you have to:Ok, so nobody has perfect skin and as luck would have it you’re probably PMS’ing on your vacation anyhow and will break out in whopper of a pimple. With that being said, go ahead and cover up any red nasty bumps. Additionally, if you have dark circles under your eyes from staying up too partaking in the booze fest at the tiki bar, then please feel free to dab a bit of concealer under those peepers!

3. Stay away from lip gloss: Unless you like the taste of sand in your mouth steer clear of anything glossy. Opt, instead, for a lip balm, preferably one with an SPF of 15 or higher. Some lip balms have a hint of color in them and should suffice your urge to pile on actual lipstick.

4. Groom your brows: Make sure you have well groomed brows (tweezed or waxed). Use a mascara spooly to brush them into place nicely.

5. Use cream blush: If you must indulge in any cheek color opt for a cream or mousse style blush. I always recommend apricot and honey colors for summer. Cream or mousse style cheek color lasts longer than powder, especially when you’re sweating your butt off in the sun.

6. Use a cream/liquid highlighter on brow bones: Swipe just a bit of liquid highlighter on your brow bones for a bit of shimmer, if you’re feeling really diva-ish blend some onto the tops of your cheekbones as well.

7. If earrings are a must opt for small stud type earrings in gold or silver. Keep it small and simple.

8. If wearing a necklace is something you can’t do without, then go with a simple chain (no charm) anything with a big charm will give you an unusual tan line and will inevitably get caught up in your wet hair. Short chains are best and concha beads are very relevant to the beach scene as well.

9. If hair is short, slick it back with product (very sleek) you can also use a heat/sun protectant product on it as well.

10. If hair is long wearing it pulled back is best. Think simple updo or a side swept low pony tail or braid.

A beach babe NEVER forgets her sunscreen! Throw an SPF of at least 30 and some bottled water with some sliced cantaloupe and cucumbers in the cooler to stay extra hydrated and you’re ready to enjoy a day at the beach looking naturally beautiful!



Rainy Day Beauty Tips

Watch Your Base
Quite frequently the main cause of makeup smudging is excessive foundation. Put on a thin coat of something that’s water resistant, and remember to make use of powder during the day.

Say No to Lip Gloss
Using lip gloss in rainy weather is just begging for smudges and smears. Grab a tube of high quality lipstick instead, and you’ll have a wonderfully long-lasting effect without having to worry about weather-related messiness.

Make Use of Color 
What better way to stand out in dreary, gray weather than to slap on some bright tones? Whether it’s a part of your wardrobe or makeup, you’ll be making a gorgeous contrast to your surroundings and stand out in the crowd.

Embrace Waviness 
When it’s rainy it’s humid, and humidity is going to curl your hair. Rainy weather is a great time to embrace the look! Make use of some curl enhancer and give up the fight for straight hair in the rain. You’ll be glad you did.

Use Skin Care Masks 
Wet and cold weather has an extreme effect on skin. A couple of times a week during the rainy season, put on a moisturizing mask on at night. You’ll see quick results, and any makeup you put on will look noticeably better!