Hair Care Tips for Fall

I am officially a brunette (a little on the Auburn side to be exact) without split ends. Yes, summer is now over, so it was time to cover up the chunky, thick blonde highlights and cut off all those dead, dry ends that comes with swimming, sunning, & the hot summer weather. With the Fall season here, its time to change our hair care routine a bit. Here are some tips.

1. Wash your hair every other day. To absorb excess oil between washes, apply a dime-size amount of baby powder to your roots at the crown and massage it into your scalp.

2. Get a trim every six to eight weeks to rid hair of dry, split ends.

3. Moisture loss causes split ends, so keep hair hydrated with leave in conditioner.

4. Deep-condition hair twice a month to restore health and boost radiance.

5. Be honest! Tell your stylist about any previous chemical treatments. This will ensure nothing is used on your hair that will cause a bad reaction—like hair loss.

6. Avoid pulling or tugging at tangled wet hair. Hair is like an elastic band—it can snap off and break if stretched too far. Instead, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to separate wet strands.

7. Hot water is the enemy! High temperatures can damage your hair and will promote frizz.

8. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove protein buildup along the scalp caused by oral medications, fatty acids and product use.

9. Create your own clarifying rinse: Mix 1 oz apple cider vinegar with 8 oz water and apply to wet hair. Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse clear.

10. Buffing your hair with a towel when wet causes it to tangle. To absorb water, gently blot with a towel.

11. Want a quick hydration boost for hair? Apply olive oil to ends.

12. Always rinse out conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticle, which promotes shine.

13. Comb your hair from root to tip each night to increase blood circulation, loosen up dry skin on your scalp and distribute your hair’s natural oils, which will moisturize the hair shaft.

Ponytail Tip

Wearing your hair in a Pony tail positioned just above the crown, spotlights cheekbones, making them & the rest of your face appear lifted.

Example: High Ponytail

Causes of Premature Grey Hair

We all have that moment – when we spot our first grey hair. While some people may find it okay to spot the grey, for most, it is a time of much contemplation over what could have suddenly happened to bring about that much-dreaded sign of ageing. There was a time when grey hair was related directly to one’s age and treated as a sign of ageing. These would appear typically around the 40s, and in some cases, even later. But today, the picture is quite different. While most people spot their first grey around their late 20s or early 30s, there are some cases where white hair is seen as early as in the teens. Going by the trend, you’re lucky if you have hit the mid-30s and still have only one or two greys. Our hair follicles generate a pigment called melanin, that’s responsible for giving our hair the colour it naturally has. The higher melanin content your hair follicles will generate, the darker your hair colour will be. And similarly, the lower the melanin content generated by your hair follicles, the lighter your hair will be, or, in other words, will turn into grey. When the melanin count decreases significantly at an early age, premature greying of hair is experienced.

Causes of premature greying of hair:
There are various causes that can lead to greying of hair. Here are the major causes that result in those grey strands:

1. Genetics: Yes, this is one thing you can certainly blame on your parents, and they, in turn, can most likely blame it on theirs. It is scientifically proven that premature greying of hair is mostly genetic in nature. So if your parents experienced the same issues and spotted their greys early, chances are, you will do the same as well.

2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Another important reason that leads to premature greying is the deficiency of Vitamin B12. The absence or lack of this vitamin allows the greying process to happen faster and earlier. Because of this, the grey hair begins showing up at a much younger age than would otherwise have happened.

3. Thyroid problems and health issues: If you have been diagnosed with any major illness or are suffering from some health issue over a prolonged period of time, then you can expect to see some premature greys. Also, people who suffer from thyroid tend to grey earlier.

4. Lack of nutrition: Being healthy is all about eating healthy and right. What you eat is what you will see, on your skin, on your hair and on your overall health. The right kind of diet will give you all the nutrients that your body needs to function properly. If you are fit and healthy, your hair too will show the signs. And this will also help in postponing the advent of the greys.

5. Stress / Hectic Lifestyle: This is not something that is entirely backed by science, but it is a known fact that the more amount of stress you have, the higher the chances of your health getting affected. Those who are prone to getting stressed or take unnecessary stress show signs of premature greying earlier than others of their age.

6. Smoking: If you have not been able to kick the butt yet, time to start thinking. Studies have proven that those who smoke stand a 4 times higher chance of facing premature greying than those who don’t. Each time we see a new hair it’s equally frustrating, isn’t it? Of course you can’t really help it if it’s happening due to genetics, or some medical issues. But for all the other causes, you can surely try and postpone the appearance of greys. Take care of yourself and stay happy.


Foods For Healthy Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want beautiful hair? If we didn’t, we wouldn’t spend a fortune on hair products. Keep in mind to get healthy hair you also need to eat nutritious foods. Here are a few:

Foods For Healthy Hair Growth :


Carrots contain vitamin A, which stimulates development of sebum on the scalp. Sebum allows hair retain its natural moisture and increases the health of the scalp. Low or high sebum secretion is damaging your hair. Deficiency of vitamin A can be manifested with the appearance of dandruff and dry hair. To avert this, replace unhealthy snacks with carrots.


These sulphur-packed gems may have you in tears of joy because they work wonders on your hair. Also referred to as the beauty mineral, sulphur aids in good blood flow and lessens skin inflammation, which will help to prevent hair loss and maintain growth.


Beans are rich supply of fiber and soluble fiber. 9 to 13 grams of fiber are available in one cup of cooked beans. It’s abundant amount of protein that helps to develop hair. It also includes biotin, iron, folate, zinc. Lack of biotin may lead to hair brittle. Many edible beans have oligosaccharides that is a type of sugar molecule.


Egges will also be very good natural food for healthier hair because it includes Vitamin B-3 that are very essentional for that hair. For getting the shiny hair you are able to apply the mixture of egg and yogurt in your hair for half an hour then rinse your hairs. Should you don’t have time to apply the mixture you’ll be able to eat an boiled agg daily.


Feed your stomach with walnuts because it comprises omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid that helps to increase the length of hair. An important mineral, Selenium, helps to get healthy scalp and Brazil nuts Brazil nuts contains it. Extra nuts like almonds, pecans and cashews are great source of zinc that makes hair smooth.


5 Beauty Tips for Every Woman

Beauty Tip 1: Never Underestimate the Power of Moisturizer – always use it!

Beauty Tip 2: Sunscreen is Your Best Anti-Aging Product!

Beauty Tip 3: Choose Your Cleanser Wisely – Wash skin no more than twice a day and choose your cleanser wisely.

Beauty Tip 4: Use the Right Tools for the Right Job – Using the right brushes, the right application tools – it’s key to making the products go on the way they are intended and to give you the look that you want. But if you don’t have the right tools to apply them, their benefits will be lost.

Beauty Tip 5: Update Hair and MakeUp Every Year or Sooner- Ideally, your image, including hair and makeup, should be updated at least once a year – and sooner if the styles change dramatically, which it is usually the case these days with so many trendy styles in fashion and accessories.


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