Haters; Sometimes They’re Your Own Family Members

We all have those family members that think you’re stuck up just because you’re successful, have a happy life, & want better for yourself & your loved ones. Yeah…you know you have one too, maybe even a handful of them…While you’re busting your ass to work hard for a better life, usually the ones talking the most shit are sitting on their asses angry at the world, gossiping about everyone, twisting every bit of information that comes their way, plotting their next vindictive move, or acting like something they’re not to win the trust of others to use for their own benefit. That is definitely NOT a healthy or the right way to live and successful will never be a word they would be able to use. hatersWhile these people are busy doing that, they fail to realize what they are missing around them. Holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, school functions, children growing up, and anything family should be a part of.  So many families are torn apart because of 1 or 2 people in the family that are like this & what’s even worse, is other family members sometimes like following along with the drama. familyFamily should be about enjoying life together, being happy & proud of accomplishments, & making memories for the generations to come. As much as you try to change things or include these family members in your life or giving them the benefit of the doubt, they end up hurting you…more than the time before. It’s really sad, but unfortunately these people will never change, they actually like living this way. Usually they are unhappy, bitter, can’t let go of ugliness of the past, or holding on to old grudges. If they fail to deal with their own inner demons in some way, that is no ones fault but their own. Why should you or your family have to suffer for it? I’ve learned from my parents to stay far away from family members like this.  And now that I am older and see how the lives of my immediate family have turned out by staying away, I am glad we did. There is so much love in my family, if any one of us needs something; we never hesitate to help each other out without any expectations. That’s how it should be with family always. The world is full of enough evil shit, sad to say it’s sometimes in your own family. Live happily with joy and peace & appreciate those in your family that want the same for you and yours. Don’t waste time being affected by the bitterness & ugliness that comes people like this; its not healthy and certainly not worth it. Negativity is nothing but a dead weight.


Who Makes Your World Go Round?

It’s amazing how two faced family can be. You work hard, get an education, become successful, and then they start moving their mouth saying shit like, “you think your better than everyone”…really? Family is suppose to be about support and motivation. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes you have to toughen up and stay away from negativity (even if it’s your own family) to really focus on your goals and remain positive in reaching them.

I had good examples growing up, both my parents didn’t come from stable homes. Both different, but filled with different levels of instability. There was favoritism, envy, no communication, and no affection. The both of them together wanted a different environment for their own children, so they made that happen. We were beyond blessed to have parents that not only were amazing in raising us, but they made up for the family roles we lacked in our childhood such as aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. So holidays and birthdays were and still are big celebrations in our immediate family.

Being the oldest grandchild from both sides of the family, I saw and heard with my own eyes and ears plenty of things that made all sense of why my parents made sure we all were loved and treated equally. Till this day, as adults, they’re still that way. From what I know of my grandparents, I can honestly say that my parents are nothing like them. Whatever they did to keep only the good qualities they inherited from their parents, it worked.

Now as an adult, I’m closer to my immediate family more than ever. We may even get viewed in a bad way or judged just because we stick to ourselves and not get involved and go to family events. It is better not to go than act fake anyway. I’m close to a few cousins, aunts, and uncles…And that’s very few. I’m proud of my parents for always standing tall together even though other parts of the family gossip about them. I’m even more proud because they taught us do be the same way. With all the lying, stealing, scheming, and gossiping both sides of the family has done, I’m glad we were never around any of it. So anytime my brothers or I accomplishes something, we get nothing but happiness and motivation from my parents.

My family now has grown. Not only do I have two gorgeous nephews and a beautiful step daughter, but I have wonderful friends. These friends are the next best thing to my family. In good times and in bad, they are there always. They are who makes my world go round.