Say No to Bar Soap!

Using bar soap on your face is one of the worst things that you can do to it. If you want to keep the skin on your face looking fresh and phenomenal, you need to invest in a quality facial cleanser instead.

But without a doubt, facial cleansers, especially cream (or gel) facial cleansers are vastly preferable to bar soap when it comes to washing the skin on your face. There are an abundance of skin care products available for cleansing your facial skin and the most important rule to remember is to avoid the use of bar soap on your face.

Bar Soap Dries Out Your Skin:

One of the main reasons why you should use facial cleansers instead of bar soap is that bar soap is horribly drying to your skin. After using bar soap, you’re bound to feel a “tightness” in the skin on your face. Although many love that feeling, this isn’t a good thing – it is actually a sign that a lot of the moisture has been leeched right out of your skin. All of the anti aging products in the world can’t do a whole lot against that kind of drying out effect.
Facial Cleansers Have Low pH:

Chemistry may be a boring topic to many of us, but it definitely comes in handy once in a while. In the instance of face cleansers for example, it’s imperative to allude that they have a low pH. This means that they are more acidic, much like your skin – and that is good news for your skin. Bar soap has high pH, or is more alkaline, which can really wreak havoc on the skin on your face. Why subject your face to that kind of trauma?

Bar Soaps Are More Irritating:

Because your facial skin is considerably more delicate than the skin around the rest of your body, it’s understandable that it needs a gentler cleanser. Bar soaps are abrasive and contain high amounts of salt. That salt goes to work on the compounds in your skin, irritating it and causing all sorts of problems. When you use bar soap, you’re likely to notice a lot more breakouts – that’s your skin’s way of telling you that it does not like it when you use bar soap.

Stick With Facial Cleansers:

With certainty, gel or cream cleansers for the face are the right choice if you want to take good care of the skin on your face. They are usually available in several different varieties, too, allowing you to figure out a formula that is best for you. For instance, if your skin is oily, you can choose a facial cleanser that addresses that issue, such as something with oil control ingredients in it. If you are prone to breakouts, you can use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid, to help reduce them.  If you’re dry or sensitive, use something milky or creamy. All around, facial cleansers are much, much better than bar soap. For facial cleanser suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Skin Care Tips for the Fall Season

The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, and the breezes just a little bit crisper. It’s officially fall, and along with the festivities and fun that come with the season, the changing weather means taking a look at your skin care needs. Here are some tips to help your skin stay healthy and beautiful as you transition from the long, hot summer into the cooler and crisper days of fall.
You know your skin needs moisture and hydration to looks its best, and hopefully you’ve been keeping dull, lifeless skin and premature aging away by making moisturizer a part of your year-round daily beauty regimen, even through the summer. You may know that your skin’s moisturizing needs change with the seasons – summer’s warm weather often requires a lighter moisturizing formula to deal with sweat and higher oil production, while a cold, dry winter means heavier, more intense moisturizing. But what about the somewhere-in-between days of fall? That can change depending on the weather, your climate – and your skin type. During this time, it’s important to pay attention to what your skin is telling you, and transition from your summer moisturizer to your winter version slowly as your skin reacts to the cooler, dryer air.
Fall may mean a chance to break out your jeans and light sweaters, but just because the weather is cooler – and your skin is more covered up – doesn’t mean you can pack away the sunscreen for the season. Any skin that’s still exposed to the sun, including your face and hands, are at risk for sun damage from unprotected over-exposure. In fact, the cooler air can sometimes be more dangerous, as the lack of heat can leader to longer exposure and more damage without immediately feeling it. This is especially true in warmer climates, where fall brings a cooler air that still welcomes shorts and t-shirts. Liberally apply a high SPF sunscreen to any exposed skin while enjoying any outdoor fall activities, and give yourself everyday protection with a facial moisturizer containing sunscreen.

Even if you protected your skin, a long summer of time spent in the sun can leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. Slough off the layer of dead skin and start fall with a fresh, clean face and unclogged pores by exfoliating your skin. A mild exfoliating scrub, a washcloth, and motorized facial brushes can all be helpful in removing dead, dry layers, but be sure to be gentle and use extreme care to not harm your skin by exfoliating too aggressively at home.
*For more effective results, schedule a professional microdermabrasion or chemical peel with me so I can safely remove the dull skin and leave your face looking fresh and rejuvenated.
Dry Weather
The upcoming winter months can severely dry out and damage your skin, particularly on your hands, face and lips. It may still be fall, but right now is a great time to stock up on the supplies you’ll need to protect your skin when winter gets here. Start getting in the habit now of applying extra lip protection and applying extra moisturizing to your hands, cuticles, and areas like your elbows and knees that dry out quickly. By preparing yourself now, you’ll thank yourself when winter comes around.

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