Stood With You

I’ve stood with you on the ocean, enjoying the tranquil sounds of the sea.
I’ve stood with you in a forest, watching the sun set in the fall.
I’ve stood with you in the desert, against the winds of the strongest sandstorm.
And even though wherever I may stand with you is in my dreams, They are my dreams
and in them you are mine too.

Don’t Date Excuses

Ok ladies, we all know it’s in our nature to want to be loved, held, told sweet nothings to, and all the other goodies that comes with being in love.  While you’re dating someone, think about what you are going through to get that feeling of being loved and does the person on the other end really deserve all your efforts?  Keep your eyes and ears open for red flags; don’t be the only one trying to build that bond with your special someone, it takes two!  If you are the one calling, texting, making efforts to spend time together, doing sweet things to make the other person feel special, and they are NOT doing these things for you as much as you are and on top of that have lame excuses to why they are not…do yourself a favor…give them the ol NEXT! When someone is really into you and makes you a priority, you won’t feel like your chasing them, have doubts, or wondering if they are interested or not.  Why? Because you will be too busy enjoying the bliss of being loved the way you should be. What I have learned while I was dating was, someone that really wants you will do everything they possibly can to be with you. If you aren’t their number one…it will just be one excuse after another. So for those of you that have been seeing someone exclusively for a long time and your relationship is not where you want it to be, just think about all the excuses they have given  you that changes have not been made and maybe it’s time that you make some of your own major changes so you will no longer waste your time. For those that are in the beginning stages of getting to know someone, if their first impressions contain a ton of lame excuses…don’t waste your time either. There are many great people out there without shitty excuses wanting to love someone just like you do.