Sleep Like A Baby with Chamomile

A handful of chamomile flowers
2 warm chamomile tea bag for your eyes
1 cup of chamomile tea

Soak your fresh chamomile flowers in a bowl of hot water for 20 minutes.  Place your face over the bowl with a towel over your head. Enjoy inhaling the calming qualities of the chamomile for a few minutes. Scoop off the flowers and pour the water into your bath. Place two warm chamomile tea bags over your eyes.  Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea.

Great tips for getting the most from your bath recipe:
Keep bathroom darkish with only a few candles.
Baths shouldn’t be too hot otherwise they will tire you out.
Self massage before your bath. It is one of the most healing and soothing rituals you can give your body.
Wear ear plugs to block out any household noise or listen to your ipod.
Add an oil burner to your bathroom.  Use an eye pillow for tired eyes.
Choose essential oils that you feel drawn to.  (frankincense, germanium, lavender and ylang ylang)

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Chamomile Stress Relieving Bath Soak

End your long day with a relaxing herbal bath before retiring to the bedroom. Chamomile’s sedative qualities is a wonderful additive to your bedtime bath to encourage a restful night. Prepare of pot of chamomile tea made from dried chamomile flowers (loose chamomile is preferable to chamomile tea bags to get the best benefit from this healing herb). Allow the tea to steep for ten minutes. Strain the flower particles from the brewed tea. Pour the warm tea into the bath while the tap water is filling your tub. Immerse your body and soak away your stresses.