Body Oils: For Thirsty Skin

No matter what time of the year it is, keeping your skin properly moisturized can be difficult . When thinking about the best way to keep your skin’s thirst quenched, you might first turn to body lotions; however, these creams tend to rub off quickly and leave your skin dry again. An alternative to body lotions, body oils offer the perfect way to keep your skin moisturized while relaxing your mind and improving your body’s overall health.

While some people figure that oil and skin don’t mix, thinking that this might leave their bodies feeling greasy, body oils actually enhance the quality of your skin because they soak quickly and deeply into skin. The most obvious benefit of body oils is their remarkable ability to moisturize your skin. Body oils are smooth, thick and highly concentrated liquids that are usually clear in color and enhance the appearance of the skin. The best body oils are organic, free of chemicals and extracted from roots, fruits, flowers and leaves. Body oils will lock moisture into your skin for hours, while body lotions rub off more quickly. When your skin has a healthy balance of moisture, it feels soft and supple, making you both look good and feel good.

If your take the time to massage body oils into your skin, your body easily will absorb them, so you won’t be left feeling greasy. To maximize the amount of moisture that your skin absorbs, wash off any perfumes or lotions and exfoliate your skin before applying body oil. Allow the oil to soak in for at least five minutes before getting dressed so that your skin, rather than your clothing, is the thing that remains moisturized.


How to apply the body oil?
Applying body oil is similar to applying hand sanitizer or body lotion. First, put a few drops in your palms. Rub them together, then massage the body oil on your hands and feet in blotting movements so that they absorb into your skin deeply. When massaging, start with light pressured circular motions, then increase the pressure to work the oil into your skin. Massaging it in same area a few times opens the pores in the skin, making the oil absorb deeper into the skin, Moisturizing properties are enhanced with this simple technique.

This oil can also be used as massage oil. You can use this on any part of your body where skin is cracked or scaly to make it soft and silky. Love aromatherapy? You can add essential oils to add aroma to the body oil. Make sure you don’t use strong essential oils such as Eucalyptus or cinnamon as they can cause irritation to your skin.

Apply body oil when wearing a strapless or sleeveless gown to make your arms shimmer and shine. Unlike body glitter, it won’t rub off on your dress, as your skin will absorb the moisture.


*Nourishing Body Oil Recipe*

In a small glass bottle, gently blend together:

1 1/2 ounces Sweet Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil
1/2 ounce Vitamin E Oil
12 drops Lavender Essential Oil
2-3 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
2-3 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
Gently shake or stir to blend. Apply liberally as often as needed.


Auras & Moods

Auras contain many different colors, change colors constantly, and each shade affects the aura colors meaning. Your mood, what you’re doing and what you’re experiencing in life all determine the colors of your aura at any given time.

In New Age pop culture, there is a common misconception that aura colors meaning is straightforward. Examples are: red=passion, yellow=optimism and purple=spirituality. Make no mistake, colors do contain meaning. But attempts to create ‘cut and dried’ color codes greatly over-simplify the matter.Within each color, there are many different shades and tones. Each unique shade communicates a different meaning. Take a simple example: the color red. A brightshade of red which contains a lot of yellow reads very differently than a dark shade of red which contains alot of brown. Each of these tones would express something different about your aura. A trainedclairvoyant reader can look at these shades of color and interpret their unique shades of meaning.

Another example…imagine youare going through color swatchesto pick the right tone of paint fora room. There are many subtle variations. Some you will like and some you won’t like. Even if theyare all tones within the same color, each can make you feel differently. Bottom line: different tones of the same color communicate different meanings.

Aura Colors Meaning
RED: lifeforce, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change

ORANGE: sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality

YELLOW: mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling

GREEN: healing, peace, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance

BLUE: verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, male energies, sadness, possibilities

PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, female energies, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition

BROWN: grounding, down to earth, practical, male energies, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less

BLACK: issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions