The Truth about Tanning

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5 Different Skin Types

Type 1: Oily Skin tends to be shiny and it prevents the skin from drying. It may be prone to blackheads and acne.
Type 2: Combination Skin has a smooth texture, healthy colour and is prone to medium pores. This type of skin tends to be dry on the cheeks and oily in the T zone; that is the forehead, nose and chin.
Type 3: Dry Skin tends to feel tight especially after washing. There may be wrinkles and the skin appears dull.
Type 4: Sensitive Skin is delicate with fine pores. Flushes easily, often allergic and can have rashes.
Type 5: Ageing or Sun Damaged Skin also feels tight and has wrinkles. Dull skin especially around the cheeks and jaw line.


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