Love is in the Air: Love Note Day Ideas

September 26, 2014 is Love Note Day! The practice of writing and sending love letters has a long and illustrious history. Famous romantics like Lord Byron and William Shakespeare penned sonnets and odes, and inspired generations of young lovers to do the same. A love note is any written expression of emotion addressed to a loved one. It can be short or long, formal or casual, poetry or prose. In Germany, love notes are delicately painted by hand on high quality paper and are considered folk art. Love Note Day is the perfect time to recognize the people that you love. Here are some ideas to let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you!
Love Notes

love stampLove Note Ideas:

Send a sweet e-mail, poem, or let your loved one know why you love them.

Mail them a letter today, let them know it’s Love Note Day & you thought about them.

Add your own personal touch to your letters; spritz them with your cologne/perfume, seal it with a kiss (wear red lipstick), or add little hearts all over the envelope.

Surprise them! Slip the note under the bathroom door while they’re in the shower, write on the mirror of your bedroom, and slip it in their work bag, briefcase, lunch bag, or car. Who doesn’t like surprises?

Hide the love letter under their pillow, they’re favorite blanket, or place where they set their keys down when they get home from work.

Write down the letters of their name and with each letter use a sweet word to describe them.

Leave a trail of post it’s from the door to the bedroom with silly romantic sayings.

Hide a love note in the book or magazine they are currently reading.

If your loved one makes their way to the fridge as soon as they get home from work, stick a note on their beverage of choice.

Spice up your love note day by being creative and adding your own flare to these ideas, you’ll be sure to make your loved one’s day. Cheers to love in the air today.
Love Note Day

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