Beauty Tips & a Frozen Bag of Peas

We all have that one bag of frozen peas in our freezer that just hasn’t been used as a side dish for dinner…but no rush on eating your peas, there are lots of good uses for that frozen bag of peas you can’t make your kids eat. Anything that is frozen, ice packs, ice compresses, etc, will help reduce swelling and inflammation. A frozen bag of peas seem to work the best since the tiny veggies can settle and mold around areas on the body easier, especially the face. Just be sure to use caution on sensitive skin and always use a thick paper town under the frozen bag when applying it to the skin.

You can use a frozen bag of peas as a home made icy compress on puffy eyes, whether the puffiness is allergy related or due to lack of sleep the cold compress will constrict the blood vessels, which in turn decreases blood circulation to the affected area.

Any bruises after kicking some butt? Not only will the icy compress reduce the swelling and inflammation, but it will also numb the throbbing of the bruise, and keep you from being in pain.

On your feet all day and have some ankle swelling? The coldness of the frozen bag of peas will slow down the circulation causing the swelling to decrease. Remember to keep your ankle elevated when applying your icy compress.

If you have a mild sunburn that is causing you a bit of discomfort, an icy compress can cool the area providing you with some soothing relief. You may want to keep that area hydrated with an after sun care gel or Aloe Vera gel.

After you have received a facial or body wax and you are prone to redness, itchiness, stinging, or and/or hiving, an icy compress will reduce all that along with calm down any inflammation.
So you see…that lonesome bag of greens in your freezer is more than just a bag of frozen peas.