Sleep Wrinkles

Now who wants to wake up in the morning with another wrinkle?!
I know I don’t…

When we sleep our skin is doing most of its regeneration. By pressing our facial skin against the pillow in the same position for hours, proper blood circulation can be impeded. This is one reason why we wake up with swollen faces & those awful pillow creases. Usually lighter complexions look red and irritated too. Even though pillow creases are not permanent wrinkles, they can cause skin problems over a period of time, & are not fun to look at. Permanent wrinkles in the face are caused by collagen degradation due to aging & repeated muscle use in the same way like frowning or squinting can create wrinkles between the eyes.

If those fine lines & wrinkles you notice in the morning are a concern, & you want to prevent pillow creases, the best solution is to try sleeping on your back. If you must sleep on your side, use a silk pillowcase which minimizes pillow creases. To get rid of a pillow crease quickly, you can wash your face in warm water to relax your skin, afterwards, be sure to apply a moisturizer.sleep


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