Hangover Remedies

So you have been invited to that wild Saturday or Sunday night party?  But you have to work the very next morning. Should you or should you not down so many spirits and dance to your favorite tunes? This is the dilemma many face, especially if the party is on a Sunday and not Saturday. We, as usual, have a remedy for just about everything – hangovers included! So do not hesitate to shake your booty and drink to your heart’s content the next time you are called in for an all night bash!


1. Tylenol and Bread Sandwich:

A whacko combo? Well, no! Two slices of bagel or sandwich bread, some Tylenol and 30 ounces of water, after a wild night with the boys or girls, is all you need to head to the office without feeling like a zombie! As funny as this remedy may sound, it sure works wonders. The main problem, however, will be to remember to down this before you hit the sack! What do you have to lose? Try it for yourself!

2. Go Bananas:

Okay, so you partied from sunset to sun up and now you feel nauseous, and you feel like someone is pounding on your head? Eat a few bananas. While you were getting drunk and running to the restroom a dozen times, your body was losing potassium by the dozen! Bananas are rich in potassium and will restore to your body the lost electrolytes. Simply peel and eat!

3. Bottoms up Some Ginger Tea:

A pounding headache, nausea and sensitivity to light? That sure sounds like symptoms of a bad hangover. So the next time the previous night’s fun turns into a nightmare, leaving you in the dumps the following morning, turn to ginger! This simple remedy works wonders in treating nausea. If you can manage to hold onto the counter for ten whole minutes, brew yourself some ginger tea by boiling a dozen slices of the ginger root in 4 ounces of water. Strain, add some orange and lemon juice and drink it up. A dash of honey will make the concoction palatable!

4. Yummy Honey:

Nothing like a classic non-alcoholic toddy to banish that nagging headache! If you are green, combine honey, lemon and warm water. While some suggest white sugar instead of honey, we suggest you stick with the latter, for honey contains fructose and mobilizes the alcohol in your body!

5. Binge on Crackers:

Yes, you heard it right! Eat right out of the cracker carton to alleviate symptoms of a nasty hangover. Crackers, toast and other mildly flavoured carbs will soak up the alcohol in your body in no time!

Other Useful Tips:

1. Water, Water and Water:

Chug down plenty of water, before you hit the sack. It will help you in nipping dehydration in the bud, and you will wake up feeling a lot better next morning. The more you drink, the more rehydrated will your body get. Drinking water will also flushes out the toxins from your body!

2. Pop In A Pill:

Pop in a multivitamin pill such as a B complex supplement to nourish your body and replace the vitamins and minerals lost during your night of fun!

3. Ice Compress:

Use an ice compress on your forehead if the pain gets unbearable. A few minutes of the cold compress will calm your nerves and make you feel a lot better!

4. Do Not Say No To Food:

I know that eating is the last thing you want to do when you feel you will throw up any moment. But to recover from a lousy hangover, you do need some sustenance for energy. Stick to clear food like soups and juices that will rehydrate you and are easy to digest.

5. Say No To Drink And Drive:

I do not need to tell you this one! Party all night to your heart’s content, but have somebody drop you off, if you have had way too many or even a little! Do not drink and drive – EVER!

These simple remedies will make you feel a lot less crappy after a night of fun. Happy partying!


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