Sleepy Spa Sheets

Long day at work? Nothing like slipping into your cozy bed and getting under all your comfy blankets. But why not take it a step further and spa proof your sheets. Try purchasing some Egyptian cotton sheets or softer cotton thread sheets. There is a line called The Spalena Collection at Costco that is pretty reasonably priced. After washing your new sheets,  on the rinse cycle give them a soak before letting the rinse continue. Soak them in Downy Lavender Vanilla  fabric softener for about 30 minutes. When the rinsing cycle is over and they are ready for the dryer, add a few sheets of Downy Lavender Vanilla fabric softener sheets. Do this right before bedtime, so when you sheets are dry and warm, not only will your bed feel extra cozy, the warmth of the sheets will relax your body, and your bedroom will be infused with the lavender vanilla aromatherapy from the fabric softener and sheets.

  •  Lavender Aromatherapy promotes relaxation.
  • Vanilla Aromatherapy promotes stress relief.
  • Both combined can induce a tranquilizing effect that can help promote sleep.

Downy lavender vanilla

lavender vanilla

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